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Main Features Of A Security Alarm System

If you're about to invest in a security alarm system for your home, you will want to know what the basic components of the system will be so you can determine if they will be sufficient to meet your security needs. So to help you obtain the best system possible, here are the main features of a security alarm system.

Sensors -- The main feature of every security alarm system are the sensors. These are typically placed above doors or windows in your home and are the way your system recognises that there has been a breach of your access points. Whether you install a wired or wireless system, these sensors communicate with the main control panel of your alarm, triggering a beep or other distinct sound when a door or window is opened.

Nearly every security alarm system gives you anywhere from 30 to 45 seconds after a sensor has been breached to turn off the alarm. If you don't key in your code, the alarm monitoring company will attempt to contact you, and then send law enforcement authorities to your home. Many security companies recommend that you also invest in glass break sensors, which are triggered if an invader shatters your windows in an attempt to enter your home.

Touchpad Central Control -- This is usually a digital box with an LED screen and buttons that is the main nerve centre of your security system. You can arm and disarm the security system from this touchpad, and, in most cases, you can also communicate directly with your monitoring company in the event of a security breach or a false alarm. Many alarm companies will have you set up two different codes. One code is known as a silent alarm, which when keyed in will inform the monitoring company that you are in trouble. This silent alarm code differs from your arm and disarm code, which is used daily to turn on and turn off your alarm.

Motion Sensors -- Unlike standard door and window sensors, motion sensors are placed in the upper corners of your living room, and they detect movement during periods of time when you are not at home or when you are asleep. Most motion sensors are trained to detect movement that is above a certain weight, so that they don't activate in the event that you have pets that are home while you are away. 

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