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3 Signs You Need to Call an Electrician for Your Home

When your electricity goes out and it's not the fault of a storm outside, then you know you need an electrician for your home. However, this is not the only time you may need to call for electrical repairs or upgrades for your home.

Consider three signs that you may need electrical services for your home.

1. Certain Circuit Breakers Continuously Trip

Circuit breakers in your home will trip, or shut down, when they are overloaded with electricity. This is done as a protection from electrical fires. Having a circuit trip is expected if you plug in several different appliances at once.

However, if one circuit in particular continues to trip, then it's time to call an electrical contractor such as E.T.C.S Electrical & Fire. This is a sure sign that the circuit itself cannot handle the demands for electricity being put in it, and your home may need some changes for that particular circuit.

This means that the electrician will let you know that either certain electrical devices should be wired to a different circuit, or the wiring on that circuit needs to be upgraded to handle the demands placed on it.

2. You Get Constant Brownouts in Your Home

A brownout is an electrical slowdown in your home. The electricity doesn't actually go out but you're not getting the power you need to run certain appliances or keep all electrical devices running optimally.

You may notice a brownout when a ceiling fan starts moving slowly, the display on a digital clock dims, and so forth. Everything is still getting power, but not enough power.

Brownouts typically mean that your wiring cannot handle the amount of electricity that those devices are asking for and your home needs new wiring. Upgraded wiring will be able to handle more electricity and your greater demands for power and keep those demands supplied constantly.

3. You Smell Any Type of Burning or Charred Odor Behind Your Walls

A burning or charred smell behind your walls can be a sign that your electrical wiring is shorting out or that it's actually already stripped and may be in contact with the building materials. Stripped wiring that comes into contact with drywall, insulation, and building studs can cause them to char from the heat of the electricity.

If you ever smell anything burning or charred behind your walls you always want to call for a contractor to inspect and find out the source of that smell. In many cases a simple rewiring of that area is all that's needed to fix the damaged area and protect your home.

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