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How Building Designers Ensure Proper Site Drainage

One of the biggest forces that can compromise the service life of a building is water. Architects will, therefore, use several techniques to ensure that water will not cause adverse effects to the structural integrity of a building. Regardless of the strategy selected, it should be stated in the planning permits. Below are some of the approaches used to ensure proper site drainage. Minimising impervious surfaces Most sites have a balance between the rate at which water collects on the surface and the rate at which that water penetrates into the ground. Read More 

Planning your data cable installation

Whether you're upgrading the data cable in a building, adding cabling to a building that's never had it before or installing it in a completely new building, you have a lot of decisions to make. You'll need to decide not only what type of cable is right for you in terms of the traffic it will carry, but also the location in which you'll be installing it and who you want to do the job. Read More 

Tired of feeling grumpy? These simple things will lift your mood

Everybody has bad days, everybody feels frustrated from time to time and everybody has moments of feeling like they can't cope. Life is not a singularly upward journey, and you have to ride the ups and the downs and try to find some balance along the way. But this practice is easier said than done. If you are noticing that you are having more and more grumpy days, that you snap at the slightest little thing and that you just can't be bothered anymore – don't ignore it. Read More 

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